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In the Hope of Memories Review


Title: In the Hope of Memories

Author: Olivia Rivers

Published: March 21,2016 by Red Sparrow Press

Format: Digital ARC

Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary

Reading Period: January 3-5, 2017

Rating: ★★★★★


Hope is dying.

Hope Jackson has lived her short life to the fullest, but her four closest friends are dangling on the brink of disaster. Right before dying of a rare heart condition, Hope sets up a scavenger hunt across New York City using her graffiti art. The directions she leaves her friends are simple: Solve the clues hidden in her art, and they’ll solve the problems haunting their lives.

Hope is dead.

Two days after her heart fails, Hope’s friends are thrown together:

Aiden, her best friend, whose plans to attend college have been scattered by his OCD.
Kali, her foster sister, whose last ties to sanity are as razor-thin as her anorexic waistline.
Erik, her high school crush, whose success as an athlete is based on a lie with no end in sight.
And Sam, her online pen-pal, whose perfect life exploded into chaos in the aftermath of a school bombing.

Together, the four teens take to the streets of New York to complete Hope’s scavenger hunt and fulfill her dying wishes. But in order to unravel the clues hidden in Hope’s graffiti, her friends will need to confront their personal demons head on.

Hope is within reach.


Thank you NetGalley and Red Sparrow Press for a free digital copy of this book on a read-to-review basis.

“…as long as you still care, and as long as you know that person cared back, the pain could last an eternity and it’d still be worth it.”

This book is crazy. It blows my mind but touches my heart. I already fell in love with this book in the first chapters because I recognize all the disorders that have mentioned in the book since I’m a Psychology major teaching Abnormal Psychology in college.

The story is not about Hope, but how her friends will face their problems or fears or issues. The book is easy to read and I really enjoyed it. This book is an eye-opener in all aspects. It definitely gives hope and believe in fate. I love the idea of the scavenger hunt, the objective is to help each characters conditions and/or cases to be a better person. The message of this book strikes through my heart. After reading this book, at some point, my perspective in life changed.

I would like to commend the author, Olivia Rivers, she’s amazingly good. I really like this novel.

I will surely recommend this book to my students as part of their book review project in class and also with my friends, they will surely enjoy reading this.

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