Silver City Girl Review

Title: Silver City Girl

Author: Yvonne Beattie

Published: November 2016 by Amazon Digital Services LLC

Format: eBook

Genre: Romance, Contemporary

Reading Period: January 6-9, 2017

Rating: ★★☆☆☆


Jennifer Steen is young, beautiful and wears her heart on her sleeve, much as she tries not to. She can’t wait to finish her internship in a few weeks. Her life has been a tad tumultuous over the last few years since her mum’s sudden death, and then her boyfriend cheating on her. She’s become estranged from her father and sister, and life is basically at an all time low…but little does she know, that is all about to change!

Jack Samson is an entrepreneur. He’s over working in the Aberdeen office, in the cold and rainy north of Scotland, leaving behind sunnier climes in hot and humid Houston. He has his sights set on the very pretty local intern but he knows he must keep his distance…or should he?

After a chance meeting in the office, then bumping (literally!) into each other over the weekend, things start to heat up fast between Jennifer and Jack. Jennifer’s due diligence in the office earns her a trip to Houston with this hot alpha male and they both find themselves spiraling head first into a new found relationship.

Jennifer’s flat mate Susie has her own problems and relies heavily on her best friend for support as her boyfriend of nearly five years goes a-wall for a couple of weeks, but what on earth is causing him to act so unlike himself?

A story that brings friends close and family closer, even when separated by hundreds of miles.


I received a digital copy of this book under New Adult Book Club in exchange of honest review.

“Life has a funny way of sorting itself out, what is meant to be, will be.”

Below are my honest feelings and opinions before, during and after reading this book.

I was pretty excited to read this book after reading the synopsis and saw that it has a high rating. But it turns out this book is full of cliché.

Jack is Jennifer’s boss, landlord and neighbor. It all happened too fast (specifically their relationship). Jack have been admiring Jennifer for years in distance and had to make a move to get to know her.

The only exciting part for me on this book was when Jennifer discovered that Jack have a twin brother and discovered his little secrets. It was funny to discovered Jack’s simple innocent “secrets” that had slipped on his mind to tell. Even the Liam and Jack brawling did not excite me because maybe it did lack of description or arguments? I don’t know but I am quite disappointed as I anticipate scenes that will excite the story (I do not want to count the twists with Suzie and Mike, and Jennifer’s mum’s affair as an exciting part of this book, I don’t know but I couldn’t and don’t want to). Though I enjoyed reading it as it is easy to read.

Overall, I am giving this 2.5 rating and I would like to thank the author for giving me the opportunity to read her novel.

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