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Up For Forever (Up For Grabs #2) Review


Title: Up For Forever

Author: Heather Young-Nichols

Format: eBook

Published: August 2016

Genre: New Adult, Romance

Reading Period: March 3, 2017

Rating: ★★★★☆


Kendra Roberts doesn’t believe that love exists in the real world. At least not the forever kind. So imagine her surprise when she realizes she’s been in a relationship for two years. How did that happen?

Kendra doesn’t know the how but she knows it can’t go on so she cuts Adam Burger loose. While in New York consoling a friend after a devastating heartbreak Kendra realizes just how lucky she’d been with love, the love she didn’t think existed. Then panic throws her into a full nuclear meltdown when Adam tries to move on and start dating someone else.

Convincing herself it’s the right decision is easy. She’s always been good at hiding the truth until she can’t hide from herself any longer. Even better her best friend’s wedding pushes them together again and again giving her the opportunity to make things right. If she can get Adam to believe that she is Up for Forever, the forever he always wanted, her life will be on track. If not, then she’ll never have the life she truly wants.


I received a free ebook under New Adult Book Club in-exhange to honest review. Thank you NABC! ❤

It’s the second book in the Up for Grab series. I honestly didn’t expect that Kendra has her own story. The story begins after Cain proposed to Flannery in their graduation.

Kendra is rich and came from a powerful family, but, broken. She has some issue with commitment because her childhood experience and what her parents did. She’s attached to her friends because her family neglect her.

Adam love Kendra but she’s doesn’t want to commit. She’s afraid and scared about things in relationship. Kendra enjoyed hanging out with Adam but unknowingly fell in love with him.

The heartbreak and realization in this book makes it more interesting. I did enjoy this book more than the first one (Up for Grab). Maybe because of Kendra’s quirky personality. Plus, Adam’s adorable personality and hotness. I like how Ms. Heather write her characters. All of her characters have their unique personality.

It’s an easy to read book. I’m hooked with how the characters throw banters to each other and jealous about their friendship. They are uniquely funny and charming.

I’m thrilled to learn that Sam has his own story! He’s my most favorite character in this series!

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