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The Paper Boat (Thirteen #3) Review


Title: The Paper Boat (Thirteen #3)

Author: Trisha White Priebe and Jerry B. Jenkins

Format: Digital ARC

Published: April 1, 2017 by Shiloh Run Press

Genre: Children’s Fiction

Reading Period: March 22, 2017

Rating: ★★★★☆


The king is not well and is in a hurry to hand over his power to a new generation when rumors begin to circulate through the kingdom. It appears the king is unaware of the sinister plot against the orphans and that it is the doing of the queen, who wants to be sure her child is heir to the throne. As Avery weighs the pros and cons of seeking an audience with the king, the castle is dealt a heavy blow; but Avery decides the risk is worth taking, and she steps out of the shadows for the first time since entering the castle. When Avery is offered an opportunity of a lifetime, will she choose a life free from hardship within the castle walls. . .or her family and the home she left behind?


Thank you NetGalley and Shiloh Run Press for a free digital copy of this book.

I decided to read this after reading books with almost same genre. I need to read other genre for there will be no bias or comparisons in the future. This is totally different genre because it is a Children’s Fiction. I don’t know but I recently enjoyed reading books in that genre.
I requested this book in NetGalley because it piqued my curiosity. But I am not aware that this book is part of the book series Thirteen and this is last installment. I know I’m such an ignoramus! As I was reading, I have so many questions as I could not keep up with the story. But it now made sense and I have to read the The Glass Castle (Thirteen #1) and The Ruby Moon (Thirteen #2) after reading book 3 because I have a feeling that the answers to my questions are in book 1 and book 2.
Anyway, each part of this book is exciting! From the moment Avery was captured to the moment that the King requested her presence! Especially when she risked her life to the dungeon.
I think the book is in fast pacing, but maybe I just feel it that way because it’s the last part of the book. This is also an east to read book
Some twists are shocking! Yes, I am shock and did not expect those coming. But I don’t know maybe I can anticipate those things if only I read book 1 and 2 before this. 
This book is about betrayal, trust, courage and strong-willed. At thirteen years old, Avery acts and thinks like an adult. She’s intelligent and will do anything for her family.
Well, I do not know what to feel about how the end goes. Really. I was not sure what to feel about the ending. But I do commend Ms. Trisha White Priebe and Jerry B. Jenkins for a unique plot and how they writes this book.
Buy link: Amazon

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