My FIRST EVER Bookstagram

I had to dig my Instagram account to look for my first ever bookstagram. I found that MY FIRST EVER BOOKSTAGRAM was way back year 2012 (May 15 to be exact! Imagine that was almost 5 years from today!) and realized that I’m not that active since I don’t have much bookstagram.

Also, my camera phone is not that good at the time I took photos. Plus, I’m not that creative. Haha.

Anyway, my first bookstagram is…


YES!!!!! My FIRST EVER bookstagram is LAUREN OLIVER‘s books (Before I Fall, Delirum and Pandemonium).

I read Delirium and Pandemonium but I haven’t read Before I Fall. And yes, I know it’s time to read that one especially before the movie release.

Anyway, I’ll post my other bookstagram post here. Soon. And I will add the exact date when I posted it in Instagram. Just for fun.

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