Worst Bookstagram

Again, I digged my Instagram account to look for my old posts and found photos below. They are my  worst bookstagram photos. Yes, WORST. Just look at the photo quality. And I’m still wondering why I posted them as it does have  bad quality photo but also lacked in creativity. Hahaha.

I also included the year or date when I posted them.

P.S. I didn’t include any reviews or comments about the book. Just the title and author of each book.


Si Amapola sa 65 by Ricky Lee (posted May 2012)


Matched by Ally Condie (posted May 2012)


Delirium by Lauren Oliver (posted May 2012)


Fifty Shades Series by E.L. James (posted July 20, 2012)


This is my FIRST bookshelf photo!!! (posted July 2012)

7th borrowed book.png

Fault in Our Stars by John Green and Brida by Paulo Coehlo (posted November 2012, these were borrowed books from my little sister)

I’ll post other bookstagram photos from my Instagram account soon but feel free to browse it anytime.

Note: My IG account is not solely for bookstagram photos because there are so many things there.

5 thoughts on “Worst Bookstagram”

  1. Well mine isn’t that creative either. I do it to share my love of books. If that’s what you love, then I follow! I have it as both personal and book because that’s what I life is! So I’ll follow yours!
    I’m @teacher_of_ya and you’ll see it’s usually just me taking pics of book mail or me loving on covers, lol! 😍

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      1. Well, you will see a lot soon bc I am opening a ton shortly…I haven’t been able to figure out where to put them bc my shelf is filled…I’m just going to have to move my “less-important” books to a drawer and put the important ones on the shelf? 🤔

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      2. I wish I had that kind of storage. When we were packing to move, I had to put many in just reg cardboard boxes. Now with one shelf, I have to be very selective so it discourages me from opening the mail…I have to “hunger games” my books and find out who survives to stay another day. I won’t get rid of the ones I love, but I’ll put them out of sight.
        Thank goodness for my LibraryThing app or I wouldn’t know what to do…I forget what I have but when I was moving I scanned all my books and the app lets you take a pic of the cover…so now I know what I have and in what condition…so if I ever find something in better shape, I can grab that instead and donate the Beat-up copy. Came in handy today at the library bookstore when I found a HC copy of Spindle’s End by McKinley, and my version is a paperback that’s falling apart. So now I’ll donate the other one! It’s been wonderful to have my library with me. Now to use another organizing app I have for my ebooks…but that could take away as I have like, 600 of them. 😂🤣


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