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Hit the Ground Running Review


Title: Hit the Ground Running

Author: Mark Burley

Format: Digital ARC

Published: April 25, 2017 by Blue Moon Publishers

Genre: Young Adult, Thriller, Fiction, Adventure, Action

Reading Period: April 16-25, 2017

Rating: ★★★★☆


“Eric—Mom and Dad are gone. I don’t know what happened, but I’m going to find out.”

Eric might not be getting along with his family—or anyone else, for that matter—but he’s pretty sure a boarding school in another country isn’t the answer. Skilled in parkour, running helps him deal. So be it, he decides. Do the time and get out. Flow like water. But when he gets a cryptic message from his brother telling him their parents have been abducted, and then his brother disappears, he realises they weren’t punishing him, they were hiding him. To find them, Eric has to discover the secrets of his parents’ research, but the conspiracy he uncovers threatens more than just his family. With help from unlikely new friends, a hack-first-ask-questions-later approach to computers, and a dangerous plan, he soon learns that some secrets don’t want to be found, and others have a way of revealing themselves at all the wrong times.


Thank you NetGalley and Blue Moon Publishers for a free digital copy of this book.

A very interesting story that piqued my curiosity. I like the concept and injection of extreme sports in the story and I think that’s entertaining.

Eric Bakker, attending a boarding school found that his parents and his brother are missing and abducted by some people because of research project. Together with Tess, they go to places and discovered things about the project and his family.

Surprisly, Tess has her own POV. But I’m glad that I can also get to know her thoughts and feelings as well as I’m glad that she’s with Eric especially when he needs to think rationally. I don’t know what to feel about Tess and Eric’s attraction but I’m happy that their romance or moments are not one of the focus of the story.

What I can’t understand is how Eric, Tess, Seth and Lakey are all knowledgable and know every details about old movies and books thinking that they are teenagers and in junior high school? However, I think Seth and Lakey are the coolest character hackers I’ve ever read.

I found the story exciting because I can’t foresee what’s going to happen next. Plus this story made me search in Google for keywords such as Millstone, Shahat, the Vidi, Cyrene, Green Mountain, Aniconism etc. In a country like mine where archeology is not one of the focal areas, I learned a lot from this book such as the history and culture of each places that mentioned. So far I enjoyed reading it.

It  was well written with very detailed description of what’s going on. But, what I didn’t like were the multiple POVs. To read Tess’s POV is okay but reading Michael’s, Gunman’s and Stockton’s POV are too much, plus it was suddenly in third person. On the other hand, I’m excited and eager to read the next book!

This book gave me a lot of knowledge about different things especially in history and culture which I can share to others.

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