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Summerlypse Review



Title: Summerlypse

Author: Gerardo Delgadillo

Format: DRC

Published: June 20, 2016 by Whole Enchilada Press

Genre: Young Adult, Music, Contemporary

Reading Period: May 10-13, 2017

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆


After his crush rejects him, seventeen-year-old Colton catches a plane to Mexico, hoping to forget all about girls. But a night out at a dance club crowded with long legs in miniskirts doesn’t help, especially when he meets the club’s beautiful DJ, Alex.

In awe of her mixing skills, Colton finds it hard to believe Alex is deaf. As they bond, she asks him to help her win a DJ contest behind her rich, estranged father’s back.

Colton’s not a wimp or anything, but millionaires with armed bodyguards are not his ideal vacation buddies. The only problem—if he helps her, he may fly back home in a body bag.


Thank you NetGalley  and Whole Enchilada Press  for a free digital review copy.

A summer vacation turned out meeting dangerous people.

I love the cover and the synopsis is refreshing and diverse. It actually reminds me of Colleen Hoover’s Maybe Someday because of the deaf character but turned out different. Way different.Totally different. And I was very curious how this story will turn.

What I noticed is that in table of content, it is in mix English and Spanish numbers and chapter title. Luckily, I’m very much familiar with Spanish numbers and how to pronounce it but not with the each chapter titles.

Colton, in his last day in junior year and decided to confess his love to Miranda. He wrote a letter to confess his love (and how he describe Miranda is so funny!), however, Miranda did not only rejects him before he even confessed but shock him about her gender preference and that surely is a heartbreaking! 💔 But suddenly Miranda changes her heart when Colton is on her way to airport.

Alex is deaf and a DJ. She met Colton at a bar thru Sofi and Martin. She contacted Colton because she needs help. She wants to enter a DJ Contest but she’s not qualified. Her father forced Colton to help her win the DJ contest but it’s already rigged.

At first, I was glad to read Spanish conversation and words. However, I couldn’t keep up. It made me confused on what I’m reading.

I thought I’ll enjoy this one but I don’t. The pace was slow and the story keeps on pointing out how dangerous in Mexico. I’m not aware of how dangerous Mexico is. I haven’t out of the country and it makes me think twice if it is really dangerous in Mexico.

I have to stop reading this because I lost my interest. The plot is okay but suddenly I couldn’t connect with the characters and was very confused with Spanish conversations. But the story got my interest on learning Spanish.

“But you have to be strong when love is not reciprocated. It’s hard to say no to love, but that’s how it works.”

2 thoughts on “Summerlypse Review”

  1. Mexico can be dangerous. But so can a lot of places. Mainly it’s the gang areas…but if you go to resort towns, it’s pretty safe. My mom went there and she stayed away from areas the locals suggested. It’s like States with dangerous cities.

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    1. Agree, other places can be dangerous as well. Before reading Summerlypse, Mexico is one of the places I want to go for travel. But while reading it had me thinking that maybe not. I won’t go there for travel anymore.


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