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Seduced (Colours of Love #4) Review




Title: Seduced (Colours of Love #4)

Author: Kathryn Taylor

Format: Digital ARC

Published: March 14, 2017

Genre: Romance, Women’s Fiction

Reading Period: May 30 – June 17, 2017

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Synopsis (from NetGalley):

A trip to Rome? For young Sophie Conroy, a visit to Italy’s enchanting capital is always a treat. As a fine art dealer, Sophie has learned to put the family business first. But when she encounters the seductive art professor Matteo Bertani, Sophie’s life takes an unexpected turn to ecstasy. Matteo turns Sophie on to new heights of pleasure, shattering her sense of balance. Soon, Sophie finds herself captive to her feelings, teetering on the brink of losing herself to desire. Despite their unbridled passion, Matteo remains cool and aloof, leaving Sophie to wonder if his heart is really invested. But when Sophie’s family livelihood is threatened, she must decide what matters most. Sensual. Romantic. Provocative. Kathryn Taylor at her best.

SEDUCED – COLOURS OF LOVE follows on the heels of Kathryn Taylor’s successful COLOURS OF LOVE series including, UNBOUND, UNCOVERED, and UNLEASHED. In SEDUCED Sophie and Matteo’s tangled love story heats up, with cameo appearances by the beloved Grace and Jonathan.

If you love E.L. James’ “Fifty Shades of Grey,” Silvia Day’s “Crossfire” series, or Jodi Ellen Malpas’ “This Man” trilogy, then COLOURS OF LOVE will thrill your desire for sensual romance.

Even as a little girl, Kathryn Taylor wanted to write. She published her first story at age 11. After a few detours in life, she found her own happily ever after. UNBOUND – COLOURS OF LOVE was her first novel.



Thank you NetGalley and Bastei Entertainment for a free digital copy of this book in-exchange of honest review.

Seduced is part of the Colours of Love series. An adult fiction and it has contain that are not suitable for young readers.

Sophie is in Rome where she “accidentally” met Matteo. She’s 25-year old art dealer from London and run their family business which is an auction house. Matteo is an Art History professor, came from a rich well-known family and opposed that Signore Giacomo asked Sophie to appraise his art collection.

I love Sophie and Matteo’s chemistry. They suits to each other. I like how they argue and give their opinions. Their banter are impressive because both are argumentative and they are humorous. Sophie and Matteo are very intense and their feelings explode together.

What leaves me to think until the end is Matteo’s ulterior motive. I wonder what his motive towards Sophie because Signore Giacomo warn Sophie about it. Is it just me that I didn’t get it? Because as I interpret it, Signore Giacomo is only concern with Sophie’s feeling because Matteo is hurtful.

I hate Matteo for distancing his self to Sophie and for hurting her. Why would he start something that will make Sophie fall for him? I know his hurt and can’t move on from the past but he shows that he very much interested to Sophie and there’s some electrifying connection between them.

Problems or twists here are not too surprising. But what really surprise me and hurts me the most are the words coming from Matteo. It really stung. I can feel how hurt Sophie is. And I like her bravery and strong personality. Despite of what happened to them and even though she’s hurt, she still consider Matteo at least her friend. Also that friendship thing, just WTH Matteo? I don’t believe that he’s helping Sophie out of their friendship.

It’s written okay until I could feel how intense the words are that also hurt me. I like and enjoy books that could touch my heart.

The ending is cliff-hanging and I would love to read the next book soon. I would like to know what happen between Matteo and Sophie.


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