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Dystopia and Derelict Dreams: A Poetry Collection Review



Title: Dystopia and Derelict Dreams

Author: Arvyn Cerézo

Format: Digital Copy

Published: September 15, 2017 by Londonderry Press

Genre: Poetry

Rating: ★★★★★



What is it like to live a life in a dystopia?

Arvyn Cerezo’s debut poetry collection delves into the complexities of difficult themes such as death, depression, loss, and suburbia living. Often contemplative and questioning, the collection also explores the intricacies of neo diaspora and how it saves the poet’s life.

With poems written in short narrative verses, Dystopia and Derelict Dreams mostly tackles an important phase of being human—finding oneself after losing the sense of self-identity.



ARC is kindly provided by the author in exchange of honest review.

It is my first time to read poetry as I am not a fan. I tried reading poems way back in high school and college but did not enjoy it. Also, no one introduces me to a good poem. I’m glad that Arvyn Cerézo, author of Dystopia and Derelict Dreams, introduce his poetry collection to me and I’m now considering of reading more poems soon.

The illustrations inside are amazing, it gives added impact to me. I like the tone in this collection because I could feel the emotions that it is trying to send to its reader. Honestly, I can’t stop reading but I have to, because of the demands at work (that’s why it took me days to finish it).

Part I hurt me but not so much like in Part II. There are poems that strike my heart, hurt me, made me think of the past, and realize things. Each poem there is one person in my life that pops in my head and reminds me of them past.

Part II is intense and too painful. Most of the time, poems in Part II made me reflect about myself, my life right now and my relationship with others. Poetry collection in this part is “tagos sa puso”.

I’m giving this high rating because it is the first time that I like reading poems, enjoys it  and makes me want to explore reading more poetry collection in the future.

Personal Favorite: At Your Beck and Call, You Are Everywhere, Ode to Moving On, Mirror Mirror, It Broke Me, Underwater, Stronger

P.S. You caught my attention in Derelict Dreams.

P.P.S. I will introduce this poetry collections to my students because it is a must-read!


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