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REVIEW: Of Heads and Hearts in the Metro by Thessa Lim



Title: Of Heads & Hearts in the Metro

Author: Thessa Lim

Format: eBook

Published: December 5, 2016

Genre: New Adult, Contemporary

Reading Period: November 9-11, 2017

Rating: ★★★★☆ 



The friendship of four Filipinas is tested when Jazmine Abaya, a foundation worker in Manila struggling to make ends meet, grapples with the consequences of an unplanned pregnancy and contends with the father, who refuses to take responsibility. When rich girl Anne Tioleco, a sales executive at a multinational firm, announces to her friends that she is eloping, tensions mount; and social classes, jealousies, and regrets threaten to tear the four ladies apart.

Set in modern-day Philippines, Of Heads and Hearts in the Metro is a new adult fiction for women that reveals the life-saving element of friendship and the intricate dynamics within it.


About the Author:


Thessa Lim is a Filipina writer of new adult fiction. After growing up in the bustling city of Iloilo and working as an IT consultant in Metro Manila, she relocated to Singapore. While her linguistic repertoire includes Hiligaynon, Bisaya, and Tagalog, she only writes in English. Her paltry Singlish vocabulary consists of lahleh, and ayo. She moved to Sydney, Australia, recently, where she looks forward to café-hopping while working on her next book.

With the Of Heads and Hearts series, Thessa wants to inspire ladies with themes of family, friendship, and love.

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A digital copy was provided by the author, Thessa Lim, in exchange of honest review.

Originally, I’m supposed to review Throwing Rules to the Wind but I need to read the first book, so I’ll be familiar with the writing style.

Of Heads and Hearts in the Metro is a story about friendship, family and everything else.

Jazmine is struggling and adjusting to her new life as a single mother. Her best friends Anne, Zara and Laine help her to take care of her son, Liam. Anne is a prodigal daughter who keeps on striving for her parents’ approval. Zara came from a breakup. She works at a travel magazine as a journalist. Laine, who is very conservative and never been a relationship was reunited with a guy childhood friend. She is taking a leap in their relationship.

I like Of Heads and Hearts in the Metro because of how modernized Filipinas are in this story, but still, conservative at some points and value their relationship with their family and friends. Also, this book makes me want to visit Bohol (I’ve never been in Bohol, maybe soon) and The Hundred Islands (though I’ve already visited the place).

There are four characters who narrate the story which I don’t like it because it easily confuses me. There are so many things that are happening at the same time because each character has their own story. But the plot of the story is the reason you will want to finish the book.

On the other hand, I could most relate to Jazmine in the story. She reminds me how difficult it is to be a mother, especially, all those sleepless nights to take care of the baby. I also could relate how hard it is to provide for the baby. You’ll consider every possible ways just for the baby’s needs and security.

Somehow, I envy the friendship of the girls in this story, well, not because I don’t have girl friends but because we rarely see each other. They stick through thick and thin. Although there are misunderstandings they resolve it and understand each other more. Reading Of Heads and Hearts in the Metro suddenly makes me want to see girl friends ASAP.


Quotable quote:

“Did you even hear yourself just now? Do you know how hurtful your words are? You accuse me of something your mind only made up, because you let yourself feed on your regrets.”


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