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BOOK REVIEW: Ivon by Michael Aylwin



Title: Ivon

Author: Michael Aylwin

Format: Digital ARC

Published: February 8, 2018 by RedDoor Publishing Ltd

Genre: Science Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic

Reading Period: February 1 – 4, 2018

Rating: ★★★★☆



The year is 2144, and the world is powered by sport – politically and practically. Each community owes its prosperity or otherwise to the success of its teams and athletes. A person’s class is determined by their aptitude for sport. Once their useful life as an athlete has expired, they are placed in stasis at an age predetermined by that class.

But not in Wales.

Separated from the rest of the world by a huge wall, the Welsh still play games for joy. They play, they carouse, they love, they die. They have fun.

Of all the Welsh, the greatest sportsman is an unreconstructed genius called Ivon. When the chance arises to become the first Welshman to cross the great divide into England, he cannot resist. His parents, exiled from England before he was born, know what London will do to him. They are desperate to have him back. But London will not give up an asset like Ivon so easily.

Ivon is a celebration of where sport has come from and a satire on where it is going.





Michael Aylwin is a sports reporter for the Guardian and Observer. He lives in Southfields.






Thank you Red Door Publishing for providing me a digital copy of Ivon by Michael Aylwin and letting me join the blog tour.

It is amazing to be part of this blog tour because of priviledge of receiving an advanced readers copy. I’ll be always thankful to Red Door Publishing for introducing me Ivon.

IVON is a story about a futuristic world that revolves on two characters, Dusty and Ivon. Both characters are engaging. Dusty surprise me with his intent interest on Wales. The concept is very interesting and intelligently written. Ivon is very interesting because of the idea of no relationship and no compassion. Sex is use for generation of power by creating elite sports people in a laboratory. It let me wonder and ask questions like “What if our society become like this?”. But I think it will be awful because there is no love and no freedom of thought.

This book is commendable because of how it’s intelligently written. I love how this book used sports as the centre of their society. Those who are not good at sport will be placed at the bottom of the society. It made me realise that our current society is like that, those people are not good at anything is part of the low-class. Also I realised that even in the futuristic world, there is hierarchy. Our roles and place in the society will always be defined by hierarchy. The idea of Wales (The Western Lapsed Era Savages) or The Past intrigued me too, but, that place is reflection of our current society.

However, my only problem in reading this book is that I find the pacing slow at the beginning that I had to read the first three chapters twice before I get the feels. Nonetheless, I enjoyed this book so much. It’s a page-turner, enthralling, and thought-provoking. I’m looking forward to other books written by Michael Aylwin.


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