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PH Blog Tour: Tell Me No Lies (Follow Me Back #2) by A.V. Geiger [Review + Giveaway]

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Today is the start of the PH Blog Tour of Tell Me No Lies (Follow Me Back #2) by A.V. Geiger. There are six other Filipino bloggers/reviewers that will post their reviews on their respective assigned dates tours (see the blog tour schedule below). Further, if you are interested to read my review of Follow Me Back (Follow Me Back #1), click here. And I added details about it below.

Tell Me No Lies is the second and last book in the duology of Follow Me Back by A.V. Geiger. I’d like to give thanks to Sourcebooks Fire for approving my request to host a PH Blog Tour of Tell Me No Lies (Follow Me Back #2). Also, I’d like to extend my deepest gratitude to A.V. Geiger for agreeing and coordinating things for this tour.

Note: An e-copy was given thru NetGalley and it does not affect my ratings and review.

TMNL Hi Res Cover

Tell Me No Lies

Series: Follow Me Back (Book #2)

ISBN: 978-1492648253

Paperback:336 pages

Publisher:Sourcebooks Fire (June 5, 2018)

Cover Price:$10.99

Genre: Young Adult, Mystery, Thriller


Love. Obsession. Jealousy. Murder. Find this and more in the pulse-pounding sequel to FOLLOW ME BACK, the thriller for the online generation that New York Timesbest-selling author Anna Todd called “an enthralling page turner from beginning to end.”

No one knows what happened to pop icon Eric Thorn. His Twitter account? Frozen. His cell phone? Cracked and bloody, buried in the snow.

Agoraphobic fangirl Tessa Hart knows the truth, but she’s finally left her #EricThornObsessed days behind. She has no intention of ever touching her Twitter app again. But Snapchat… That’s safer, right?

After months of living under the radar, Tessa emerges from hiding, forced to face the deadly consequences of her past. But in the interrogation room, answers only lead to more questions in the jaw-dropping conclusion to the Follow Me Backduology.


Geiger author photo

A.V. Geiger is an epidemiologist who spends far too much spare time on social media. By day, she studies women’s psychiatric and reproductive health. By night, she can be found fangirling, following people back, and photoshopping the heads of band members onto the bodies of unicorns. Her writing career began with celebrity fan fiction, and her work draws extensively on her own experiences with online fan culture. Her original teen fiction has received millions of hits on the story-sharing website Wattpad, ranking as high as #1 in the mystery-thriller genre. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and twin boys.

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After reading Follow Me Back I couldn’t wait to read the next book. I mean, I need the second book ASAP because of the cliff hanging ending. So when I found out about the release of  Tell Me No Lies, I pushed my luck and messaged Viv (A.V. Geiger) if I could host the blog tour. Honestly speaking, in that way, I could read the second book before every one else. 

Tell Me No Lies continues to tell the story of Tessa and Eric. It is in three POVs: Eric, Tessa and Blair. YES. You read it right, we get to read Blair’s POV here. And this fact made me thrilled because I’ve been dying to know his thoughts and where he is coming from since the first book. 

As Tessa and Eric explored new social media platform, Snapchat, it made me realize that we will never be secured in any platform. There will always be a way to hack someone else’s devices, and it made me scared and paranoid. 

All twists shookt me big time, especially the turn of events at the end. That really leave me insane. I really couldn’t believe that I had a hunch about it on the first book but decided to disregard it because I don’t have any concrete basis. But then I read it on second book confirming my theory and I literally throw my phone. Moreover, the interrogations intensifies the scenes and messed me big time as well. 

The story is in good pace, relatable and you wouldn’t want to stop reading when you get started. The characters are intense and captivating. I’m glad that Tessa is trying her best to fight her anxiety and be better. In my observation, Eric is impulsive most of the time and there is shared disorder between him and Tessa. I am grateful to be a Psychology major because I get to analyze the situation in psychological perspective. Further, I’m surprised with the roles of other characters in the story. I couldn’t even imagine it. However, there is only one thing that I didn’t like in this book. It is Blair‘s POV, because I am expecting darker plans/side of him here. 

If you are in a fandom, you will most likely relate to this duology and you’ll be surprised with the darkest stories of being a celebrity and in fandom. Moreover, I have learned a lot from this book as a fan. First, do not trust anyone even if s/he is the most trustful person for you. Second, think carefully before you act. Third, your fascination with someone (celebrities or anyone else) won’t last long, it’s only temporary. Last, only trust yourself.

Tell Me No Lies is dark, thrilling, engaging and jaw dropping. Highly recommend this book to anyone who’s interested to read dark stories in fandom. 


4.5 stars

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“Some people…always inserting themselves into everyone else’s business. . . Why couldn’t they keep their eyes to themselves?”

“If it happened once, it could happen again.”

“That’s the thing about fame. Everyone has an opinion, but they don’t know you.”

“Why do I care so much what the rest of the world thinks?”

“Message after desperate message with no hint of a reply. Why would anyone subject themselves to the soul-crushing futility?”


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FMB Cover Hi Res

Follow Me Back

Series: Follow Me Back (Book #1)

ISBN: 978-1492645238

Paperback:368 pages

Publisher:Sourcebooks Fire (June 6, 2017)

Cover Price:$10.99


Tessa Hart’s world feels very small. Confined to her bedroom with agoraphobia, her one escape is the online fandom for pop sensation Eric Thorn. When he tweets to his fans, it’s like he’s speaking directly to her…

Eric Thorn is frightened by his obsessive fans. They take their devotion way too far. It doesn’t help that his PR team keeps posting to encourage their fantasies.

When a fellow pop star is murdered at the hands of a fan, Eric knows he has to do something to shatter his online image fast—like take down one of his top Twitter followers. But Eric’s plan to troll @TessaHeartsEric unexpectedly evolves into an online relationship deeper than either could have imagined. And when the two arrange to meet IRL, what should have made for the world’s best episode of Catfishtakes a deadly turn…

Told through tweets, direct messages, and police transcripts, this thriller for the online generation will keep you guessing right up to the shocking end.

 Praise for Follow Me Back

“Debut author Geiger’s social-media-saturated thriller (which fittingly got its start on Wattpad) should transfix teens for whom online relationships (romantic and otherwise) are integral parts of daily life, and catfishing and hacking are genuine fears. Tweets, direct messages, and police interrogation transcripts are incorporated throughout, throwing the reliability of both narrators into question and hinting at the sinister thread underlying this boy-meets-girl story. ” – Publishers Weekly

“Pieces are revealed one at a time until they all come together at the end-right before everything falls apart before a final, dark twist. A page-turner for young adults invested in social media, fandoms, and mysteries.”– School Library Journal

“Told though alternating points of view, tweets, and police reports, this novel is perfect for fans of Sara Shepard, April Henry, or Kimberly Derting. In her debut novel, Geiger creates a rich horror story which is all the more intriguing because of its conceivable possibilities. Using fan culture and social media communications to the best effect, she makes the setting and plot convincingly real.”– VOYA Magazine

Follow Me Backis the perfect mix of fandom with just the right amount of suspense. An enthralling page turner from beginning to end.” Anna Todd, New York Times bestselling author of the Afterseries 

“Timely, twisty, and totally thrilling. Follow Me Backwill have readers wondering about the identity of every online friend and follower they’ve got. A riveting read that will keep you up late and keep you guessing!” Paula Stokes, author of Liars, Inc.and Vicarious

“Dark and suspenseful, Follow Me Backis sure to be the next big thing in YA Thrillers.” Ali Novak, author of The Heartbreak Chroniclesand My Life with the Walter Boys

Follow Me Back is an unforgettable page-turner, and a cautionary tale for any fan who’s ever wished that their favorite celebrity followed them on social media.” Sandy Hall, author of Signs Point to Yesand A Little Something Different

Follow Me Backis a mystery/thriller/suspense roller coaster ride that keeps readers on their toes. Jaw-droppingly twisty and continually surprising.” – Laurie Elizabeth Flynn, author of Firsts


Thank you for reading up to this end! So without any further ado here’s the giveaway link! Enter to win finished copies of Follow Me Back duology. Ends June 12, 12midnight.

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