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BOOK REVIEW: Sweet Spades (The Club Duology #1) by T.A. Torres

Title: Sweet Spades

Author: T.A. Torres

Format: eARC

Published: March 4, 2019 by The Wild Rose Press, Inc.

Genre:  New Adult, Short Stories, Erotica

Reading Period: March 22 – 24, 2019

A game she can’t win against a man she can’t beat…the stakes are sizzling. 

Kylie Turner is desperate. One brother, a car thief, has landed himself in jail. Her other brother, the underground fighting champ, is using his fists to help post bail and free his twin. Playing cards is her gift, and her only way to make fast cash. That’s how she ends up in the notorious poker club, losing to the sinfully gorgeous owner. He enjoys playing with her, taunting her, but ultimately offers a way out—become his mistress. But playing house with a felon could lead to a stolen heart… 

Asher Black never believed in fate, but then his brother’s girlfriend walks into his club with desperation clinging to her like a second skin. He’s been waiting a long time for revenge against the man who slept with his wife while he was in jail. A game of cat and mouse begins, but he’s starting to wonder if he’s the one who’ll be caught.

Note: An eARC was sent by publisher thru NetGalley. This does not affect my review.

Kylie plays poker to earn money so she could bail out his brother, Tyler. Chase, Tyler’s twin brother is an underground fighter. These brothers and sister will do anything to save each other. Asher Black encountered Kylie in playing poker. He is a prominent criminal in their neighborhood and made a deal with Kylie that he will bail out Tyler in one condition.

In this book, Kylie is naïve not so innocent, smart and beautiful. She will do anything for her family—brothers. I admire how she will do anything even risky things to save her brother. Her love for her family is remarkably passionate. Asher screams sexiness, angst and authority. He is aggressive and possessive but could be sweeter and caring like anyone else. Kylie and Asher’s chemistry explodes. Their story seems to be the reason why I’m into slow burn romances now. I’ve felt how Asher unconsciously become affectionate towards Kylie and vise versa. In Asher’s mind, owning Kylie is his greatest revenge against Blake (Kylie’s former boyfriend). 

Sweet Spades is slow burner romance that my heart aches in every twist. Basically, all twists in this novel messed up my mind. This book is alluring, swooning, page-turning and in good pace. I like the author’s writing style. Too bad that it is short story because I was craving for more Asher and Kylie. But, looking forward to next book because of its cliff hanging ending. 

“Life can be funny, yet cruel sometimes.”

“There isn’t anything sweeter than when a hard man becomes soft for the woman he cares about.”

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